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“I’ll never forget my 4th grade year when a brass quintet performed an outreach concert at my school.  Their inspiration would later prove to be life-changing.  Since then, music has given me countless opportunities and has enabled me to travel to nearly forty countries around the world.”

– Bron Wright

Executive Director, GTM

Educational Performances

Give Them Music has partnered with some of the top chamber ensembles throughout the country. Their outreach programs demonstrate the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and dedication by using the diverse backgrounds of their members and a wide array of musical styles. They allow students to see the exciting abilities of these instruments up close and personal and exhibit how music builds life-lasting confidence.

“My sixth graders were amazed by the sound of the Tuba, the slide of the Trombone playing jazz, and the Trumpets and French Horn ‘talking’ to each other.”

Jaque Moore

Sixth Grade Teacher

Get Involved

If you are interested in having an outreach program at your school please contact us. Schools currently without music programs may qualify to receive free outreach performances. Schools that currently have music and arts programs may qualify for subsidized performances. Get your school PTA’s and administrators on board and give your students a potentially life changing experience.

This Months Feature

Instrument: Violin

Age: 16

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Forrest is a recent winner of the Boulder Youth Symphony’s concerto competition. As this month’s feature, Forrest will receive two tickets to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

What does music mean to you?

Music has been a prominent and important part of my life since almost before I can remember. Playing the violin helped to define me as an individual and it has helped me connect with others in a way that can only be achieved through music. Essentially, music is the foundation for my existence.

How does music relate or directly affect your other interests?

Music, being a very social activity, has helped me to meet countless other musicians who have quickly become very good friends who I spend time with outside of rehearsals. In addition (though I can’t prove it) I strongly believe that playing music from an early age helped me in all areas of creativity including art and photography, some of my other pastimes.

Describe the greatest experience or opportunity you’ve had because of music?

Every summer since I turned 9, I spent a portion of my summer at the Ottawa Suzuki Strings music camp. My time there not only improved my technical skill, musicality, and musical knowledge, but also introduced me to many phenomenal young musicians that I consider to be some of my best friends and provided an opportunity to work closely with some truly outstanding adult players as well.

Where do you envision music taking you in the future?

I can only hope that my future continues to revolve around music; even more so than it does today. I hope to make a life, both personal and professional, that is run by my violin playing whether it be as a music teacher, performer, or composer. I don’t yet know which of these branches I might follow but I love nothing more than to perform music for others while I am becoming increasingly more interested in passing on my training and I hope to explore more thoroughly the complex art of composition. There is so much left to learn about music that even a lifetime isn’t enough!

Want to be a featured Young Artist? Send us a 100-250 word essay on “what music means to you.” Each month a winning essay will be selected and featured right here on our Young Artists page. Open to ages 18 and under!

There are many ways to help us put music and the arts back into our schools. Whether it be by entering one of our raffle drives, silent auctions, endowing an instrument, or simply becoming a onetime or annual patron, your support is vital towards assuring a bright future of music in our communities and schools.  Every dollar matters and no amount is too small.  Your contribution can be listed in your name, a family’s name, as a gift, in memoriam, or as “anonymous.”  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.

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All proceeds benefit educational outreach performances and other Give Them Music programs!!

Become a Patron:

Give Them Music is able to share the power of music thanks to the support of generous individual donors. We welcome all levels of donation, whether it’s a onetime gift, an annual donation or the establishment of a matching gifts program.  Best of all, it’s tax-deductible!!   We need your support to help us meet our goal of reaching 20,000 students this year.

Endow an Instrument:

Endowing an instrument from our instrument petting zoo is a great way to show your patronage.  Endowments provide additional educational tools and resources for that instrument such as free online video lessons, subsidized lessons and/or rental fees.  More importantly you are helping to reach thousands of students throughout the state. 

In-Kind Donations:

In-kind donations allow us to keep our operating costs down so that every dollar we receive can be stretched to reach as many students as possible.  If you have a service or product you’d like to donate please contact us.  We would be thrilled to include you on our patrons’ list and thank you during our outreach performances.

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Have an item, ANY ITEM, you don’t need anymore that still has value?  Send it to us!  We’ll even reimburse your shipping costs to us!  We’ll post it on eBay and send you a tax-deductible receipt for the selling price.  Musical instruments and supplies sent to us will not be auctioned on eBay and will instead be donated directly to a school in need.

Silent Auction:

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Endowing an Instrument:

Just like a professional symphony orchestra, the instrument chairs for our Instrument Petting Zoo are available for endowment. We offer two great ways and levels to endow an instrument. A Conductors’ level contribution ($2,500 and up) will endow an instrument in perpetuity, and a Woodwind level contribution ($500 – $999) for a 2-year period.

Your endowment will be listed beneath your instrument on the Instrument Petting Zoo page and as a Woodwind level supporter on our Donors’ page. Endowments help to subsidize lessons and/or rental fees and additional tools, worksheets and lessons for that instrument. As always, your donation or endowment may be listed as “anonymous” upon request.

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Orchestras, Youth Symphonies, Music Schools, Music Stores, Festivals and more…

only organizations that offer youth outreach programs are listed.

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Your help is greatly appreciated.  If you know of a festival, school, orchestra etc. in any

Audio samples, fingering charts, scales, pictures, manuscript paper and more…
From string quartets to symphony orchestras, it’s all here!!

Learning Through Music

National Public Radio follows the Huntington Brass’ “Rural Residency” in Stephenville, TX and their use of music in interdisciplinary classrooms.

CMOP is the first national concert series dedicated to educational and performance outreach.  Our concerts feature world class artistry by local musicians.  Chamber ensembles and solo artists who appear on our series share a similar vision in the importance of community outreach and development. 

Our concerts are typically one hour in length with no intermission and present a wide range of musical styles and ensembles.  All concerts are free and open to the public with a $10 suggested donation.  All proceeds go to benefit the Chamber Music Outreach Project and Give Them Music.
Donations from the CMOP Concert Series help to fund educational outreach performances in local schools, children’s hospitals, community centers and help to provide subsidized instrument rentals and lessons for students in need.

Help give the gift of music and the many exceptional opportunities that come with it simply by attending one of our world class concerts and donating what you feel equals the price of a ticket to hear these extraordinary artists. 

Welcome and enjoy the performance.

An ever-increasing number of schools in our country are being faced with budget cuts that are forcing non-core curriculum programs to vanish.  Music and arts are the first programs to suffer even though numerous studies have shown that students involved in the performing arts score on average 51 points higher on verbal and 39 points higher on math sections of standardized tests than the national average.  The arts create an invaluable platform towards developing the skills and confidence needed to succeed in almost every area of life.  Give Them Music is a non-profit outreach organization that was created to help revive these programs and to provide valuable outreach throughout the community.

Bron Wright,President


Give Them Music exists to promote and revive the performing arts in our schools and communities by providing resources and opportunities through outreach programs and performances.


  • To provide free educational outreach concerts, through private funding and grants, to schools without performing arts programs and to those who have lost their programs to budget cuts.
  • To provide subsidized private and/or group lessons and instrument rental fees for students who lack the necessary resources.
  • To provide free online resources such as video lessons, sheet music downloads, scales, and instrument fingering charts.
  • To reach communities and schools throughout the state who don’t have access or live within close proximity to larger cities that offer youth concerts.
  • To develop chamber music outreach training programs at local colleges and universities that will implement outreach in their curriculum.
  • To encompass other nearby states and ultimately become a national outreach organization