An ever-increasing number of schools in our country are being faced with budget cuts that are forcing non-core curriculum programs to vanish.  Music and arts are the first programs to suffer even though numerous studies have shown that students involved in the performing arts score on average 51 points higher on verbal and 39 points higher on math sections of standardized tests than the national average.  The arts create an invaluable platform towards developing the skills and confidence needed to succeed in almost every area of life.  Give Them Music is a non-profit outreach organization that was created to help revive these programs and to provide valuable outreach throughout the community.

Bron Wright,President


Give Them Music exists to promote and revive the performing arts in our schools and communities by providing resources and opportunities through outreach programs and performances.


  • To provide free educational outreach concerts, through private funding and grants, to schools without performing arts programs and to those who have lost their programs to budget cuts.
  • To provide subsidized private and/or group lessons and instrument rental fees for students who lack the necessary resources.
  • To provide free online resources such as video lessons, sheet music downloads, scales, and instrument fingering charts.
  • To reach communities and schools throughout the state who don’t have access or live within close proximity to larger cities that offer youth concerts.
  • To develop chamber music outreach training programs at local colleges and universities that will implement outreach in their curriculum.
  • To encompass other nearby states and ultimately become a national outreach organization