This Months Feature

Instrument: Violin

Age: 16

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Forrest is a recent winner of the Boulder Youth Symphony’s concerto competition. As this month’s feature, Forrest will receive two tickets to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

What does music mean to you?

Music has been a prominent and important part of my life since almost before I can remember. Playing the violin helped to define me as an individual and it has helped me connect with others in a way that can only be achieved through music. Essentially, music is the foundation for my existence.

How does music relate or directly affect your other interests?

Music, being a very social activity, has helped me to meet countless other musicians who have quickly become very good friends who I spend time with outside of rehearsals. In addition (though I can’t prove it) I strongly believe that playing music from an early age helped me in all areas of creativity including art and photography, some of my other pastimes.

Describe the greatest experience or opportunity you’ve had because of music?

Every summer since I turned 9, I spent a portion of my summer at the Ottawa Suzuki Strings music camp. My time there not only improved my technical skill, musicality, and musical knowledge, but also introduced me to many phenomenal young musicians that I consider to be some of my best friends and provided an opportunity to work closely with some truly outstanding adult players as well.

Where do you envision music taking you in the future?

I can only hope that my future continues to revolve around music; even more so than it does today. I hope to make a life, both personal and professional, that is run by my violin playing whether it be as a music teacher, performer, or composer. I don’t yet know which of these branches I might follow but I love nothing more than to perform music for others while I am becoming increasingly more interested in passing on my training and I hope to explore more thoroughly the complex art of composition. There is so much left to learn about music that even a lifetime isn’t enough!

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